5 Best Augmented Reality Games For 2021

5 Best Augmented Reality Games For 2021

The future is all about Augmented reality, but the truth is that it has been around for more than 70 years and now it brings your digital environment to reality by introducing virtual objects in the real digital world.

In this era, there are many high tech AR games that enhance the user experience on digital visuals, products and graphics.

Below is the list of top 5 augmented reality apps that are high demanding apps which creates a perfect gaming environment for gamers and deliver an amazing gaming experience. AR is literally dominating the gaming industry by becoming the future of mobile gaming. Users today can feel and enjoy the experience on their mobile phones

1.   Army Of Robots

Army of Robots belongs to the Android and iPhone shooting games. The robots will invade your street and try to dominate your home.

The app itself is integrated with an outstanding interface and standout performance, which makes sure that the player can easily enjoy destroying hoards of robotic enemies of different sizes.

This game also explains how you survive and take initiative in real life and make things happen in the game.

  • Downloads: 5k+
  • User-Ratings: 0
  • Developer Details: Sinergia Studios

2. NightenFell: Shared AR

A Singleplayer and up to 4-player local co-op multiplayer game that works perfectly fine on both Android and iPhone. A visually stunning game with a good shooting mechanic You need to protect mushrooms from falling comets by shooting them down using your magic wand.

  • Downloads: 2k
  • User-Ratings: 7
  • Developer Details: HookBang, LLC


3.   Zombie Night Terrors AR

Another Zombie shooting game! Zombie Night Terror is a strategy action game app where you are the brains and zombies are your brawlers. But this game has a twist for you. This isn’t your regular zombie shooting game, but you are the one creating a zombie apocalypse!

4.   King Of Pools

It’s a billiards pool game with stunning visuals and a unique premise. With AR, you can spawn a life sized table on any surface. The AR mode is fully customizable using your custom table felt and decals that feel of being physically present in front of the user.

It offers real experience while leveraging AR Technology and offers an interactive pool experience.

  • Downloads: 10k
  • User-Ratings: 2
  • App Revenue: $10k
  • Developer Details: Uken

5.   Ingress Prime

The app stands as one of the best virtual reality games and its features are amazingly attractive, user engaging and enjoyable. Here the player have to choose two groups where he/she supposed to fight for their fate.

  • Downloads: 100k
  • User-Ratings: 3
  • App Revenue: $80k
  • Developer Details: Niantic, Inc