5 Best free Wireframing Tools For Mobile Apps in 2021

5 Best free Wireframing Tools For Mobile Apps in 2021

Apps wireframing will also help in making the design changes before beginning the development phase. You can try whatever design you want but its better to use the trending tools for the mockups..

Wireframing is always a developer’s cup of tea because it helps out a lot and makes the process efficient and effective.

So, let’s explore some of the best free wireframing tools to use in 2021:

Adobe xd


Adobe XD is a multipurpose vector-based user experience design tool for web apps and mobile apps that offers an abundance of features for Android or iPhone wireframing.Its toolkit includes an asset panel for consistency and offers and opportunities to collaborate with the team members.

Developers can design any type of design mockups for websites like websites, web and mobile apps. Once the design mockup is done, developers can easily share the work with the clients to get the feedback and approval.


Axure is another multipurpose tool that allows creative designers to create mockups, prototypes, flowcharts, wireframes, mockups and prototypes. The developers can easily add functionality , interactive diagrams with sitemaps and HTML.

Developers can add animation effects, product reviews, code functionality and much more.

Frame box

Frame Box is another free tool for mobile app wireframing. It offers creativity with only the primary designing and editing features. While there are many platforms that  provide advanced features with their free plans, It’s very simple and effective for the mockups.

Easy to use with a simple drag-and-drop option.. Developers can add content and images, resize the images and much more. Additionally, the best part is the clients can have a look on the final artwork with the shareable link.


Sometimes having various choices can also be inconvenient. It’s an ideal tool to design wireframe developers who are not  very creative. There is a limitation but simplifies the whole process and development


It offers both free and premium plans for the designer & developers.. This tool helps the designers in many ways like style and adjust the size of the layout of any product to set at any screen size.

As a versatile tool, JustInMind allows the creation of App & website and upgrading them to mockups and prototypes. Developers can add drop-down features, carousels, and more related to designs..it also  includes resources like font widget and mobile wireframing library.