Top 5 App Design Trends for 2021

Top 5 App Design Trends for 2021

The question is, how do you predict tomorrow’s popular visual styles today? Who would know better than app designers themselves? We asked this question with the app designers community what trends they’ve been noticing lately. Here are the top app design trends you can expect to see more of in the coming year.


  1. Swiping experiences
  2. Analogue inspiration
  3. Unexpected angles
  4. Abstract & geometric art
  5. Creative data visualization


1- Swiping Experiences

Swiping has always been one of mobile’s greatest advantages over desktop. Although clicking is quick-and-easy, it’s more than fun to encourage playing to that advantage by making swiping more engaging and memorable.



2- Analogue inspiration

In 2021 these apps incorporate design elements reminiscent of the analogue world, paper and cardboard textures, collage inspired layouts instead of retro typography and button designs. The beauty of this app design trend is the warm and comfortable experience this style invokes. It’s all about making apps more realistic and satisfactory.



3- Unexpected angles 

In 2021, app designers are making things more unique and engaging by using unusual angles into their designs. Whether it’s design elements set at an angle or backgrounds that don’t follow the usual right angle rules, this app design trend is changing the whole thinking perspective.



4- Abstract & geometric art 

In 2021 app design trends promote realistic and dimensional effects, some of the brands are getting benefit from the abstract and artistic style. This app design trend is finding more ways to make things more realistic and eye catching.




5- Creative data visualization

Data visualization trends are always the best opportunity to explain with the numbers. Whether you’re designing an app around data presentation or just have some figures you want to communicate in a creative way. Unique types of graphs, animations and colors in correlation to your data can make your date more informative and understandable.